WardsAuto Names the 2019 Jetta One of the 10 Best Vehicles for User Experience

The newly redesigned Jetta has a lot to offer both inside and out. WardsAuto has taken note, naming it to the list of vehicles they feel deliver the best driver assistance solutions and easy-to-use tech features.

Reviewers remarked that though the Jetta didn’t carry a large price tag, it left no traces of being a cheap car with its quality materials and technology options. Of particular note were the digital instrument panel and the fact that it could be reconfigured to suit each driver’s needs and wants.

Neil Patrick, Owner of Patrick Motors Inc, was Recently Interviewed by Worcester Magazine

Last month, Neil Patrick sat down with Worcester Magazine to talk about the history of Patrick Motors Inc. Our family has lived and worked in Massachusetts for years and we love being a part of this wonderful community, so head on over to our interview with Worcester Magazine to read a little bit about our history.

History of Patrick Motors

The Patrick's have loved cars and automobiles for years, getting their start with a service station in the 1950s. 






2019 Volkswagen Beetle

It's the end of an era for Volkswagen. The longtime classic, the Volkswagen Beetle, is finally coming to an end. "Volkswagen" and "Beetle" were practically interchangeable terms for several decades, but times change, and the iconic car of yesteryear simply doesn't have a place on the market anymore. This July, Volkswagen is celebrating the final release of the Beetle with the special Final Edition.


Are Volkswagen TDI Vehicles Worth the Investment? Our Research Says Yes.

At Patrick Motors Volkswagen, we understand that some people have reservations about committing to a Volkswagen model that's equipped with a turbocharged direct injection diesel engine. After all, diesel engines belch out black clouds of smoke, aren't trustworthy, and diesel fuel is next-to-impossible to find, right? Wrong. There's a lot to like about the Volkswagen TDI models, and plenty of reason to choose them over competing gas-powered models from other automakers.


Patrick Motors Volkswagen has Some Excellent Diesel Engines for Those Who Seek Powertrain and Excellence!

Anyone who drives a pickup truck, or a high-performance sports car, can tell you about all the advantages that a diesel engine has when it comes to powertrain and torque. The right type of diesel-fueled engine can boost your vehicle's performance and efficiency as well as their overall reliability. Here at our dealership, we have a number of diesel options in our pre-owned inventory through the excellence of the turbocharged diesel injection (TDI) inline four-cylinder engines.

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Are Volkswagen Passats Good Cars? Patrick Motors Volkswagen Says "YES!"

Here at Patrick Motors Volkswagen, the new Volkswagen Passat is considered one of our best-sellers, and for a good reason. This mid-size VW sedan is popular among drivers in the Worcester area because it is made to exceed expectations. It boasts proficiency, convenience, and safety—three characteristics that increase its overall value—and when combined with a reasonable price, there is more than enough incentive to buy or lease a new VW Passat from our dealership in St. Auburn, Massachusetts!


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