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At Patrick Volkswagen, we want to make it easy to take care of every part of your vehicle, and that includes those Volkswagen tires. They eventually need to be replaced, but don't worry too much. Here are the warning signs your tires give you when it’s time for new rubber.

1. They Keep Losing Pressure

If you keep filling your tires to the proper pressure and then notice that they drop right back down again, that could be a sign that you're in need of new tires. Tires that won't stay properly inflated may not be able to offer the traction that you need.

2. Tread Depth is Too Shallow

Eventually, your tires wear down and you end up with tread depth that's too shallow to give you the kind of traction and control you'll require for all types of driving situations.

3. You Notice Damage

If one of your tires is damaged, you need new ones. Irregular wear, impact bulges, punctures, and other types of damage can all put you at risk. If your tires are damaged and your mechanics can't repair them, you need to buy new tires.

4. Your Tires are Old

If you've had your tires for a long time, they may be nearing the end of their lifespan. Tire manufacturers vary in how long they'll promise that their tires can last, but it's usually wise to get them inspected frequently if they are more than six years old.

5. You've Been Driving on a Spare

We've all been happy to have our spare tire in a pinch, but spares are not meant to be driven around on for a long period of time.

If you replaced a flat and kept the “donut” on your car, you probably need to get to our Volkswagen service center near Worcester, MA for some new tires.

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