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Here at Patrick Volkswagen, we understand that life gets busy and that car care can't always be the number one priority. Some drivers wonder “How long can I put off my Volkswagen service?” Their car should be fine for a little while, right?

Unfortunately, delaying service can just result in more headaches later. Getting your car to our service center when you need maintenance needs to rise to the top of your to-do list.

What Happens When You Delay Service

Your car needs certain maintenance at certain times. Going without the car care you need and operating a vehicle with worn parts or without the fluids it needs can cause a variety of problems.

As an example, let's look at oil changes and tire rotations. These are simple services that don't cost you too much money, and they're quick too. It can be tempting to put off such services because they don't seem like that big of a deal, but that's a bad idea.

An oil change puts fresh oil in your vehicle. This can better lubricate the engine and protect all of its delicate parts from heat and friction. A tire rotation moves your tires into different positions, which helps them wear down evenly and last longer.

Putting off these services can result in damage to your vehicle and expensive bills from your mechanic. Old oil doesn't protect your engine as well, so you could end up with engine damage if you skip oil changes. Skipping tire rotations can cause one or more of your tires to wear out earlier than expected, requiring you to replace all four. That's not cheap either.

Schedule a Volkswagen Service Appointment!

In general, putting off maintenance can result in damage, big bills, and even a shorter lifespan for your vehicle. If you need service or Volkswagen parts, visit our factory-trained VW mechanics in Auburn, MA. We'll get your car back into top shape in no time!

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