The Future is Coming, With the Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

It's fun to look back at old movies that depicted the future, the time we're currently living in, as a world full of robots and flying cars. Sure, Back to the Future was right in some capacity, as we all have phones capable of video conversations, and Amazon is set to deliver packages using drones. However, where we're going, we do still need roads.

Volkswagen's I.D. series of electric concept vehicles provide an exciting snapshot into what future transportation will look like, and their latest installment, the I.D. Vizzion, is tastefully flirting with the line between Marty McFly's world and the reality we know today.

The I.D. Vizzion has been tagged as the "digital chauffeur," a fully autonomous vehicle built without a steering wheel or pedals. The mind-blowing concept of this vehicle is designed to give a representation of what driving may be like in 2030, utilizing the MEB electric vehicle platform to combine voice and gesture-control tech with A.I. software. While the Vizzion navigates the world for you, climate controls and music selection will be automatically selected based on your preferences, providing an exceptionally personalized experience. Using your commute from Auburn, MA relax? Hoping to get some work done before you arrive at your destination? The living-room atmosphere in your vehicle can be tailored to meet your desired focus, whether labor or leisure.

The I.D Vizzion's electric motor will produce a total of 302 horsepower, while the 111-kWh battery pack should provide a range of around 300 miles. While the power of a vehicle is a little less important when you're not operating it, it's nice to know that it can get you to where you need to be in a timely fashion. You can also count on Volkswagen updating the arsenal of safety features available, allowing the Vizzion to provide alerts and proactive messaging to not only the passengers, but the people around the vehicle too.

Sure, the focus for this concept is a moonshot to the year 2030, but with technological advancements made in the last few years, we're well on our way to a future that's not as distant as we, or Marty McFly, once imagined. In fact, a boiled down version of the concept model is set for production as soon as 2022. Don't be surprised when you see this futuristic vehicles around the Worcester and Westborough, MA areas sooner than you think!

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