Commitment in the automotive industry extends well beyond innovative vehicle designs. Our manufacturer has generously pledged to donate $1 million to the to help fund and support classroom projects across the nation as part of their "Drive Bigger" Summer Event. Through this donation, classrooms and teachers will be able to purchase the supplies their students need to promote a healthier and more productive learning environment.

From markers and poster board, to notebooks and books; there's a lot of time, effort, and planning that goes into ensuring a classroom operates smoothly and effectively. Teachers request the specific materials and resources their classroom and students need, and individual donors select the programs they would like to directly fund. After all the necessary materials are gathered and purchased, they are then packaged and shipped straight to the schools and classrooms!

This is one of the first major leaps the manufacturer has made towards building a better future for our nation and communities throughout the nation. It's not well known, but teachers often have to pay for school supplies out of their own pockets as the average public-school teacher will have to budget for $479 worth of classroom supplies. Teachers shouldn't be responsible for purchasing these materials themselves; they already work hard enough as it is!

Support the manufacturer that truly cares for our communities here in the Auburn, MA and Worcester area. Make the brief trip out to chat with us here at Patrick Motors Volkswagen and learn more about this exciting program and how a Volkswagen sedan, hatchback, or SUV could improve your time spent on the go. We're nestled conveniently near Westborough and Shrewsbury, MA here at 519 Washington St, Auburn, MA.

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