We all love a little nostalgia, don’t we? The retro days of the Volkswagen MicroBus may be long past, but it’s preparing to make a triumphant return in a distinctly modern way. Featuring iconic styling and an all-electric power train, the VW ID.BUZZ concept looks to be an exciting view into both the past and the future.

Retro Design

The classic MicroBus shape is retained in the concept renderings of the ID.BUZZ, with blunt front and rear ends featuring gentle curves that are incredibly reminiscent of the original. You also have the same two-tone feel, with a color on the doors and lower bumpers, white top, and a chrome line separating the two. And of course, the long, high roof and rectangular side windows complete the throwback aesthetic and deliver a true classic.

Futuristic Concepts

While the overall architecture of the ID.BUZZ may have a retro feel, the technology that Volkswagen is packing into this concept is anything but old school.

As of this writing, a 369-horsepower electric motor is planned to power along this concept, an exciting thought for any modern driver looking in the direction of electric mobility. If that number holds true through production, you’ll have a thrilling alternative to other performance electric car brands with the reliable engineering of Volkswagen backing it up.

Inside, seats that swivel and slide make the ID.BUZZ not just a beautiful homage to the past, but a truly versatile form of transportation to boot. Face the seats forward as you drive along, and swing them around to face each other for a get together that’s safe from the elements.

When Can You Buy an ID.BUZZ?

Production of this exciting electric Volkswagen is slated to begin in 2022, so it will be some time before you see them rolling around the streets of Worcester, Shrewsbury, or Westborough. But rest assured, as soon as they hit our lot at Patrick VW in Auburn you’ll be able to take one for a test drive.

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