The Volkswagen Golf has been an icon of the automotive industry for decades now, and VW is getting ready to release the eighth generation of this legendary hatchback. The next Golf promises to be an incredibly fun and responsive hatchback that excels in multiple situations.

Mark Eight Golf

The Mark Eight Golf is more of an evolution than a revolution when it comes to design. It keeps the iconic Golf hatchback design but adds a few modern flairs to bring the Golf up to date. The interior has gotten a complete overhaul and features some of the latest technology. The interior may be incredibly modern, but it is also still a Golf, so you can get certain models with the classic plaid seats. Ambient lighting and huge displays make the Mark Eight Golf feel thoroughly modern, and all of the controls are intuitive and efficient.

Golf GTI

The Golf GTI is also making a return with this new generation, which means the hot hatchback legacy will continue. The Golf GTI was one of the original hot hatchbacks, and with the newest generation, they have made sure to make it as fun as possible. The GTI is incredibly flexible, as you can use it for getting around Worcester during the week and for having fun on twisty roads during the weekend. The GTI truly feels like a zero-compromises kind of vehicle.

The GTI is getting more power for the eighth generation. Horsepower is bumped up to 241 with the 2.0-liter TSI engine. Our team at Patrick Motors Volkswagen, serving Shrewsbury, is hoping that the GTI still comes with its legendary six-speed manual transmission, along with VW's new high-tech eight-speed DSG transmission. Both transmissions provide you with tons of information while you row through the gears, and this amount of feedback makes the great for carving up the backroads of Westborough.

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