The daily commute, family vacations, fun road trips, and errands can make you think you need a variety of vehicles, but in the Worcester area, one SUV rules them all. The 2020 VW Atlas Sport provides on and off-road capabilities plus a roomy cargo area, passenger area, and powerful towing capabilities.

When searching for a new mid-size SUV, consider the roomy, versatile, feature-rich styling of the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport. This two-row SUV provides massive cargo room and sporty styling.

Interior Comfort

The commute in the Westborough area may seem brutal, but you can make it enjoyable driving the Atlas Cross Sport. Both front and rear seats offer expansive legroom – up to 40.4 inches in the rear row. Both also allow recline so your passengers can nap or simply get cozy on a road trip.

The Atlas Cross Sport looks out for your comfort in many other ways, too. It offers storage for your smaller, necessary items in its center console bin and its recessed dashboard tray. You never have to worry about losing your phone in the vehicle with two choices of where to safely secure it while driving. The Atlas Cross Sport provides front seat and back seat USB ports—three in front, two in back—so you and your passengers can keep your mobile devices charged and ready to go.

The onboard entertainment system also includes the VW Car-Net app with its 4G LTE-enabled Wi-Fi hotspot. Car-Net also lets you lock/unlock and start your car remotely making it a breeze to begin your workday even in the coldest weather the Shrewsbury experiences. You will also enjoy a powerful stereo with Jilin Hangsheng speakers. You can upgrade to the optional Fender/Panasonic stereo components if desired. This Volkswagen provides the reliable, sensible dashboard layout you’ve come to enjoy from the German manufacturer.

Performance and Capabilities

Standard features include a V6 engine and all-wheel drive. You can travel off-road when needed since its eight inches of ground clearance protect your undercarriage from most obstructions. Take the Atlas Cross Sport on any pleasure or work trip since it can tow up to 5,000 pounds. Inside, it leads its class in cargo volume. When you fold down the rear seatbacks, the result provides 77.8 cubic feet of storage. With those seats up, you enjoy 40.4 cubic feet of interior storage.

Safety Features

The Family Guardian app in the Atlas Cross Sport lets you monitor the driving of multiple drivers, which works great for families with teen drivers or businesses using the Atlas Cross Sport as a commercial vehicle. The app also monitors boundary areas, curfew times, speeds, night driving, and hard braking. The boundary area setting lets you define where the vehicle should be driven vis a vis streets or city limits. You receive an alert if the vehicle gets driven outside of those boundaries.

You can also get alerts for things like excess speed and night driving, meaning that your teen can no longer say they used the car just as they promised when you were out of town. You have proof if they did.

Test Drive the New VW Atlas Cross Sport in Auburn, MA

Rather than just take our word for it, contact Patrick Motors Volkswagen and test drive the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport. Feel its awesome handling, the responsive drivetrain, and luxurious interior. Drive it through Worcester and experience why this Volkswagen proves to be the best SUV in its class.

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