For families, the SUV is the second home on wheels. That's why the SUV a family chooses must be reliable, comfortable, and durable. To make the VW Atlas as welcoming as possible, Volkswagen offers a complete line of SUV accessories.

Designed to Create the Ultimate Roadtrip Experience

These Atlas accessories are designed to be durable enough to handle any family road trips outside Auburn. These accessories include everything from cargo organization to trailer hitch attachments. Here is a look at some of the most popular Atlas SUV accessories.

Cargo Organization

Available for the Atlas, the CargoTech® Cargo Containment System is a series of containers designed to secure just about anything inside an Atlas SUV. This cargo containment system makes it easy to pack and unpack during road trips. Also available is the Security Console Safe by Tuffy®. This unique in-vehicle safe allows you to secure valuables while on the roads of Worcester.

Rooftop Cargo Organization

You can pack more than you think when you add cargo boxes, cargo baskets, and various Thule® attachments to your Atlas. Whether you are looking to store extra baggage or recreational gear, these rooftop cargo attachments will be able to get the job done.

Trailer Hitch Attachments

Thule® makes special trailer hitch attachments that will allow you to carry up to two bikes. This makes it easy for you to load and unload your bikes during your next road trip to the Shrewsbury area.

Universal Tablet Holder

Occupants in the back can use the universal tablet holder to enjoy hands-free use. This tablet holder can make your next road trip much more enjoyable for those in the back seats.

Floor and Trunk Liners

Since the VW Atlas is designed to go just about anywhere, it is essential to ensure that you keep the outdoor elements from damaging your vehicle. That's where these weatherproof floor and trunk liners come in. These custom made for Atlas aftermarket liners allow you to enjoy any activity in Westborough while protecting your vehicle.

If you are interested in a VW Atlas or VW Atlas accessories, please visit Patrick Motors Volkswagen in Auburn.

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