From the inception of the company more than 80 years ago, Volkswagen has been an innovator of iconic vehicles, many of them becoming cultural touchstones for their era. From the Beetle to the Bus, they define what made them famous. As Volkswagen continues producing designs to meet modern tastes, the current preference for SUVs is making an impact on classic vehicle models, in particular, Volkswagen's incredibly successful line of wagon-style vehicles, first introduced in 1966.

The History of the Golf SportWagen and Golf Alltrack Station Wagon

Billed as the perfect family car during an era when summer vacation meant a weeks-long road trip with the kids, this wildly successful design became an instant favorite. With a four-door body, hatchback rear and a large cargo area, there was ample room for both passengers and luggage, making it a truly versatile vehicle. For the next four decades, drivers enjoyed a series of models, including the Dasher, Quantum, Fox, Passat, and Jetta wagon styles. But as tastes have changed, these beloved designs have fallen out of favor, replaced by the popular SUV and sedan styles. As a result, Volkswagen will be retiring both the Golf SportWagen and Golf Alltrack Station Wagon at the end of 2019.

Visit Our Dealership Before These Models Retire

It's not too late to buy a Volkswagen Alltrack or Sportwagen. The production of these highly successful and much-loved cars will continue through 2019, so those that want an opportunity to own one will have the chance to do so. Looking forward, Volkswagen will continue to provide innovative designs for the vehicle market, focusing on SUVs and the development of electric vehicles capable of carrying plenty of passengers and cargo for a whole new generation of drivers. If you want to explore these models in person, we encourage you to visit Patrick Motors Volkswagen in nearby Auburn, MA. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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