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At Patrick Motors Volkswagen, we understand that some people have reservations about committing to a Volkswagen model that's equipped with a turbocharged direct injection diesel engine. After all, diesel engines belch out black clouds of smoke, aren't trustworthy, and diesel fuel is next-to-impossible to find, right? Wrong. There's a lot to like about the Volkswagen TDI models, and plenty of reason to choose them over competing gas-powered models from other automakers.

Here are Just a Few Reasons to Choose a TDI Engine

  • TDI engines deliver all of the benefits of a traditional gas engine, but enjoy the lower fuel prices and environmental impact of a diesel engine.
  • TDI engines add much more boost to the engine, unlike traditional diesel engines, by mimicking the speed and quick gear changes of a gasoline-powered car rather than staying in one gear for a longer period of time -- a trait of traditional diesel engines that draws out the amount of time it takes to get to speed.
  • TDI engines feature an exhaust gas recirculation unit that reduces pollution, while catalytic converters cut down on even the smaller amount of CO2 that diesel engines emit.
  • While it's true that the TDI technology adds to a vehicle's cost, that extra expense can be made up thanks to the fact that diesel fuel is typically lower-priced than regular gasoline.
  • In addition, the combustion method used to ignite diesel is much more efficient than that of gasoline engines. Gas engines require a spark-fired system, while diesel engine fuel self-combusts.
  • Research suggests that diesel fuel injection systems are 44 percent efficient, while gas systems are only 32 percent efficient.
  • To give you a concrete, real-world example of how a TDI engine more than pays for itself over time, a recent study determined that the Volkswagen Jetta TDI saved owners around $6,000 over a five-year period when compared to a gasoline-powered sedan. If you're the type who drives your car long after your loan is paid in full, those savings continue to add up -- in your bank account, and not at the service station.
  • More and more, gas stations are adding diesel pumps to their array. They clearly recognize the value that TDI engines offer owners, and are acknowledging the growing demand for diesel fuel across America.
  • Then there's this: long-haul truckers have long appreciated the additional torque that diesel fuel offers, and that holds true with the Volkswagen TDI models as well. If you want a little more power at your disposal, without sacrificing fuel efficiency, a TDI engine is the ideal option.

At Patrick Motors Volkswagen, we offer a tremendous selection of used Volkswagen TDI models, including the high quality certified pre-owned options that enjoy Volkswagen's full backing. Whether you're looking for a nostalgia-inducing Beetle, a commute-friendly sedan like the Jetta or Passat, a sporty Golf, or a family-friendly Touareg SUV, you'll find a solution to your transportation needs.

If you'd like to speak with one of our team members about our inventory of Volkswagen TDI models, contact us and schedule a convenient time to visit our Auburn showroom. We're happy to answer any questions you might have and arrange for you to take an illuminating test drive.

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